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Last update : 05/07/2018

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When we started 3rd bracket it was our goal to create an online marketplace that would make it simple for international artists to finally be recognized for their designs. We know that a large number of designers struggled with finding a proper platform for displaying their portfolio as well as connecting with individuals that may want to purchase their work. By creating an official platform for artists to connect with their clients we felt as though we could create a very streamlined process for building up a catalog of work and then selling it to interested buyers across the world.

As well as offering a reliable platform that can be used to browse quality designs as well as display artwork, we offer a comprehensive affiliate program to help promote our artists through our community. We wanted to give advertisers the chance to promote international artists and their work to a worldwide audience on a platform that would not only provide one of the most competitive affiliate programs but a competitive platform for supporting artists too. By allowing our community to recognize the artists and designs that they deem the best, we feel that we can elevate the quality of designs throughout the marketplace and offer more to our end clients.

As a final pillar of our platform, we wanted to offer comprehensive customer service and licensing rights on every piece of intellectual property available in the 3rd bracket online marketplace. This means offering up regular and extended licensing solutions to clients that are interested in purchasing intellectual property through our system. We believe just as much in protecting artists and their work as we do in protecting the artists and their talent.

our vision

Our vision for the future is to continue expanding support for advertisers, artists and clients of all types. We will continue to improve the number of products that we have available as well as the search option tools that are available to clients seeking images and intellectual property online. We will be regularly expanding the options available for licensing and exclusive rights on the images/intellectual content that’s available in our marketplace.

Our end vision is to become one of the number one resources for artists and designers to get their work published online, to connect with new clients and to become recognized for their own unique art style. We also want to be the first resource for business owners, nonprofits and bloggers to find all of their images and branding from a professional source.

We understand that there is competition in this market place but it is our goal to create a more seamless experience that is trusted. We plan on offering one of the largest online catalogs of images, logos, branding and materials and this vision can only be realized as more artists continue to join our platform. We have the support, we have the advertisers, and we have the interested parties seeking professional graphics, we just need more talented people to expand our offerings!

Our staff is committed to ongoing learning and although we have assembled a team of excellent developers, legal staff, artists, marketers, bloggers and business professionals we are all committed to improving this platform now and in the future. By working with us as an artist, affiliate or client you are effectively joining the 3rd bracket team to help expand our network and the notoriety of our platform. We want to create supportive platform for each user and to do this we have a qualified and trained customer service staff ready to answer any inquiries and provide troubleshooting support. As we build our platform for the future we will remain focused on customer service and the ability to provide the best level of support to every individual user. We will continue to expand our development team and our customer service professionals to ensure the needs of every member of 3rd bracket can be handled in a timely manner.

If you are interested in employment opportunities through 3rd bracket contact us today. We are always looking for new and qualified members they can join our team. We are also on the lookout for new affiliate marketers as well as new artists to join our ever-expanding network of talent. Feel free to visit our artist profile creation page or the affiliates page to learn more about these individual programs.

Our website is going to be undergoing a number of new changes that will allow us to expand the size of our catalog, the licenses that we have available as well as the supporting communication tools that we have for connecting artists with their clients.

We plan on making modifications to the search directory for our products to make finding graphics easier than ever before.

We are also going to be expanding our affiliate program to include more links, more tools for advertisers and more tips for success which can be effective for promoting your favorite artists on 3rd bracket.

Stay tuned in our news section to learn more about the updates, opportunities and changes coming to 3rd bracket.

our vision

The team

Meet our small team behind
the initiative.

Name Designation
Debatosh Sikdar Founder/Director
Sudipta Roy Choudhury Co-Founder/Director
Emma Harris Developer
Jayden Kelly Developer
Soumi Dhar Coordinator
Sumona Biswas Coordinator
Blake Wilson Community Support
Disha Roy Community Support
Shyamal Ghosh Reviewer
Jake Reviewer
Mimo (Our dog) Team Entetainment Partner